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Our Homm

Homm Farms consists of a small agricultural group of young producers whose basic objectives are the cultivation, maintenance and development of traditional family farms.

We always aim for excellent results, with tasteful products of the highest quality being our main goal. Our company is based in Greece, on the mountains of Aigialeia of the Achaia region.

Showing love and respect towards nature and our fertile land, we strive daily to bring to the public the unique richness of our local products. The extra virgin olive oil, the black Corinthian currant, the special pine honey and our wine, are some of the key products we produce on the mountain slopes of Aigialeia, which offers stunning views of the Corinthian bay and an ideal micro-climate.

Black Corinthian Currant

The Corinthian black currant, the famous Greek nutritional treasure is a dried fruit, which contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and other trace elements.

Our raisin, which is exclusively cultivated in the region of Aigialeia in the Peloponnese, is a unique gastronomic treasure thanks to the ideal combination of rich soil, seawater and sunshine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We cultivate our olives by natural methods, aiming at excellent quality. We combine the local Patrinia variety with the fragrant Koroneiki. Our olive oil has a dark green colour and medium to intense fruity taste, with a moderate sense of bitterness and spice.

Our olive groves are located on the mountain slopes of Aegialeia, overlooking the Corinthian Gulf and benefitting from an ideal microclimate.

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